Ro Water Purifier With Hot Water

Ro Water Purifier With Hot Water

Are you planning to buy a water purifier ? Why not consider buying one with hot and cold water which will have more utility in summers and winters.This blog will not only showcase the Water Purifier with Hot water dispenser & Hot and Normal Water Purifier and will also explain the different types of filtration technologies presently running in India.

Water constitutes about 70% of the human body and drinking pure &  clean water is equally essential as having good food & breathing fresh air. Due to the elevated pollution and impurity levels in the atmosphere, the water you receive is contaminated. Those days are one when you could drink water from the direct supply.Hence, a water purifier is now an important appliance for every house.

RO water purifier with hot water comes with many benefits. You can carry bottles from your home during a journey instead of purchasing package mineral water bottles, henceforth saving the environment from the plastic waste and it also saves the additional cost of purchasing package water. 

 A Cleanjal Water Purifier also filters out the excess chlorine, thus reducing the risk of cancer, heart & respiratory diseases. RO – UV based water purifiers not only save you from bacteria but saves the time and effort from boiling and filtering the water.

Types of Water Purifiers

UV (Ultraviolet Water Purifier) – This water purifier runs on electricity & uses UV rays to kill microorganisms, bacteria, viruses. UV water purifier systems are good for low TDS water.

UF (Ultrafiltration) Water Purifier – In this type of filtration water passes through a semipermeable membrane which can separate bacteria and sediment from the water. UF membrane is a long-lasting membrane and can easily last for 3–5 years.

RO Water Purifier – RO technology runs on electricity. It is a multi-stage purification process that eliminates impurities and also aids in conversion of hard water to soft water. An RO water filter requires running water and eliminates all germs, viruses, chemicals.

Ro Water Purifier With Hot Water

Advantages of a Hot and Cold Water Purifier

Whether you’re working from the office or home, having a hot and cold water purifier makes things easier for you. Firstly, you don’t have to fill the bottles timely to get cold water as you get an instant supply of cold water from the water purifier itself. Moreover, you don’t open the fridge very often which saves energy consumption. As you get hot water from the same purifier, you can make soup, tea or coffee with ease without having to turn on the gas stove and wasting precious time.

Water Purifier with Hot and Cold: Top brands Available in India

1.Aquaguard  2.Cuckoo  3.Bluemount  4.CleanJal  5.Bluestar

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