8 top-selling Alkaline Water Purifiers in India (2023)

8 top-selling Alkaline Water Purifiers in India (2023). In recent times, health-conscious individuals have been decreasingly drawn to the benefits of alkaline water, believed to help balance the body’s pH situations and ameliorate overall well-being. 

As a result, the demand for alkaline water cleansers in India has surged significantly. In this composition, we will explore the top 8 best-selling alkaline water cleansers in India as of 2023, helping consumers make informed choices for their water sanctification needs.

8 Top-selling Alkaline Water Purifiers in India (2023)

8 top-selling Alkaline Water Purifiers in India (2023)
  1. Cleanjal

Cleanjal has been the talk of the city and has captured the hearts of consumers across India. With its advanced 8- stage sanctification process, it uses RO, UV, UF, and TDS control technology to exclude contaminations, bacteria, and dangerous substances. The highlight of Cleanjal Pro is its patented AlkaBoost technology that naturally enriches water with essential minerals, enhancing the pH position and promoting optimal hydration.

  1. Aquaguard Geneus Max

The Aquaguard Geneus Max stands as one of the most popular alkaline water cleansers in India. It employs advanced RO, UV, and UF technologies to effectively exclude contaminations, dangerous chemicals, and complaint-causing microorganisms from the water. With its state-of-the-art alkaline cartridge, the purifier adds essential minerals to the water, icing a stimulating and healthy drinking experience.

  1. Kent Superb Star

Kent Superb Star is another leading choice among alkaline water cleansers. Equipped with a multi-stage sanctification process, including RO, UV, UF, and TDS control, this purifier ensures that every drop of water is safe and mineral-rich. Its alkaline point enhances the water’s pH position, offering a smooth and hydrating taste.

  1. Blue Star Aristo

The Blue Star Aristo series has been gaining immense fashionability due to its effective sanctification technology and satiny design. The purifier combines RO and UV filtration styles to annihilate dangerous substances, heavy essence, and bacteria. Also, its inbuilt alkaline sludge enriches the water with essential minerals, promoting better health.

  1. Livpure Pep Pro Plus

Livpure Pep Pro Plus is an affordable yet effective alkaline water purifier loved by numerous homes. Using a combination of RO and UV sanctification ensures that water is free from contaminations and safe to consume. The alkaline point enhances the antioxidant parcels of water, furnishing a stimulating taste and promoting bettered hydration.

  1. Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Nrich

The Eureka Forbes. The Aquaguard Nrich series boasts a unique Active Bobby Technology that infuses bobby ions into the water. This, coupled with its RO, UV, and MTDS sanctification, delivers clean and alkaline water that aids in digestion and boosts the vulnerable system. It also comes with a mineral guard that ensures the water retains its essential minerals.

  1. HUL Pureit Ultima

HUL Pureit Ultima is a well-known name in the water purifier request. Its advanced 7- stage sanctification process, including RO, UV, and MF technologies, guarantees 100 safe and alkaline water. The TDS modulator adds essential minerals back into the water, making it healthier and toothy.

  1. AO Smith Z8 Green RO

The AO Smith Z8 Green RO is a decoration alkaline water purifier with an emotional 8- stage sanctification system, including RO, SCMT, and MIN- TECH. It ensures the junking of contaminations while retaining essential minerals. The alkaline technology enhances the water’s pH balance, furnishing antioxidant-rich and succulent drinking water.

  1. Havells Max Alkaline

Havells Max Alkaline is a rising star in the alkaline water purifier member. With its 7- stage sanctification process, including RO, UV, and revitalizer, it produces safe and stimulating alkaline water. The purifier is also equipped with a mineral cartridge that enriches the water with essential minerals, offering health benefits to consumers.


As health and heartiness take center stage in people’s lives, the demand for alkaline water purifier continues to grow in India. The top 8 best-selling alkaline water purifier mentioned above give not only safe and clean drinking water but also the added benefits of essential minerals and bettered pH situations. When choosing an alkaline water purifier, consumers can consider their budget, sanctification technologies, and unique features to find the perfect fit for their homes and cultures. With these purifier, individuals can confidently take a step towards better health and well-being through pure and alkaline drinking water.

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