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CleanJal Water Purifier  provides a World Class Purification System, with Best in Class Membranes and a Total of 8 Stage Purifications

Alkaline Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers

At CleanJal, we are providing world-class range of water purifiers made with modern technology to provide healthiest water to everyone. 8 Stage Water Purification Alkaline Water Purifiers offer the Best possible filtration

Classy & Stylish CleanJal Elite Plus are Our Hot Water Purifiers with both Normal and Hot Water Function Comes with Same 8 Stage Water Purification as all our Alkaline Water Purifiers and offer the best possible filtration

CleanJal Undersink Water Purifier Or CleanJal UnderCounter Water Purifier are Completely Hidden for Smart Homes where you dont want a Water Purifier to Eat your Kitchen Space and are mainly Installed Undersink

Are you paying regularly for the water jars? 
There are lots of people who prefer to go for water jars but it is definitely one of the expensive water solutions. Now, you don’t need to waste your money because you can pick CleanJal 2 Tap Water Dispenser with Built-in RO System

Advanced Technology for Safer Water

Drink Healthy and chose live a healthy and active life by getting pure water with CleanJal Water Purifiers.

UV Filteration

Safe and Healthy Water  as UV rays Treated  eliminates up to 99.99% of microorganisms such as Bacteria and Viruses.

Alkaline Filteration

filtered to increase the pH level of the water making it less acidic and adding minerals rather than removing them.

Ro System

Filtered water tastes fresher and cleaner, the filters remove the chlorine and bacteria that can make tap water taste flat or chemical. The filter removes harmful substances from the water such as lead, which can only be a good thing for your health.

hot water purifier
AutoCut Tech
‎Automatic Shut-Off when the system is not in use makes it efficient and energy saver
Less Water Wastage

All our Purifiers are Designed to for Less Water Wastage for ecofriendly Use and Efficient.

Water Dispossed is again Processed to maintain Water Flow 

Health Benifits of RO Water

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